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Services Offered By Estheticians


Everyone wants to look beautiful and to achieve it most people will tend to seek the services of estheticians. These beauty experts will not only provide you with different beauty services, but they also offer skin consultation that is in line with your skin type and the care regime to recapture a youthful look. Visit for the professional services offered by estheticians;

Here are some of the services provided by estheticians



Facial is one of the different services offered by Estheticians, and it addresses a broad range of issues such as the environmental damage to acne, dull and patchy complexion as well as premature aging. If your skin feels tough on the face or if you have less than perfect appearance that causes you stress then it’s time to consider booking a custom facial. Most of the facial treatment methods are designed to work on different skin types, and this includes exfoliation, extractions and deep cleansing or a more complicated procedure such as peels.


This method is also referred to as Microderm, and it’s one of the easiest and effective anti-aging treatments. It’s highly advantageous since it softens wrinkles and fine lines and also helps to smooth coarsely textured skin. What’s more, it can potentially decrease the pore size and superficial hyperpigmentation which is also known as age spots. The procedure can work on different skin types, but for certain skin types, it is combined with enzyme peel or other chemicals to increase its effectiveness.

Brow services

Eye brow services are highly regarded by most women and can include micro balding brow treatment, eye brow, and eyelash tinting or brow shaping among others. If you are looking for an easy and quick solution especially for those who primarily depend on the mascara and eyebrow pencil, then eye brow and eyelid tinting is a preferred choice. It also enhances the look of the eye area and is perfect for those who don’t have time for eye makeup.

Hair removal


Estheticians can remove hair from any part of your body using methods that are both comfortable and efficient. Waxing is one of the common methods used, and it involves removing hair from the root. Hair wouldn’t grow in the waxed area for up to six weeks, but some people might see regrowth in about a week given that hair comes with different growth cycle.

There are also different types of waxing that are best suited for removing hair such as strip waxing that is achieved by spreading a thin layer of wax over the skin. A pair of strip or cloth should be firmly pressed then quickly removed in the opposite direction of hair growth to avoid trauma.