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Vaginal tightening – the importance and characteristics

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Vaginal tightening is something any woman should not neglect. The various medical conditions associated with a loose vagina and a weak pelvic floor can be quite uncomfortable and, in some cases, severe. To counter this problem, various tightening procedures and products, both natural and artificial, which you can clic aquí for more info, are available to women, who suffer from these issues. The benefits and advantages of vaginal tightening are more than evident from the very start, and include a stronger pelvic floor, as well as a better sex life.

Pelvic floor and pc muscles

womanIf you want to improve the experience and sensations of sexual intercourses, or you have recently gone through a childbirth, the process of vaginal tightening is most certainly the best method of strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. If you are not familiar, your pelvic floor muscles are the ones who support your pelvic organs, such as the uterus or bladder. In addition to your pelvic muscles, there is also your PC muscle. This muscle is exactly what most women discuss and debate about when considering various vaginal procedures for improving their sex life.

Pelvic muscles

The loss of vaginal tightness is commonly associated with these muscles. When a woman goes through a childbirth, one of its most notable consequences is the stretching of the pelvic muscles, which leads to their weakness and looseness. This results in a somewhat unpleasant-looking vagina, as well as reduced sexual experience and a host of other medical issues. One of the best natural methods, specifically designed for strengthening the pelvic muscles. are pelvic floor exercises. They are simple and will not take too much of your time, but will recondition and reshape your vaginal muscles, so as to fully, or partially, resemble their original shape and form.

Urinary incontinence

Even though some women think that vaginal tightening is exclusively aimed at improving the look of the vagina and enhancing one’s sex life, this method is also necessary for preventing or alleviating various medical conditions. If your pelvic floor muscles and your vaginal muscles are weak, you run the risk of suffering from a number of medical conditions. One of the most common and notable ones is stress urinary incontinence.

This condition is usually associated with women, who have gone through a childbirth. It is mainly caused by the weakened muscles, which are tasked with holding the urethra. Due to a childbirth, these muscles can weaken and become almost incapable of properly holding the urethra, when the pelvic cavity is under pressure. To put it more simply, every time you laugh, sneeze or cough your muscles will seriously struggle to properly hold the urethra upright, which usually results in uncontrollable leaking.

Uterine prolapse

woman wearing lingerieThe second common condition is the uterine prolapse. When a woman is pregnant, her uterus substantially increases in weight, almost 30 times the original weight, which is a direct result of the weight of the fetus. Due to this weight and pressure, the muscle that supports the uterus can become severely stretched.

After the childbirth, that muscle will remain loose and slack. In some cases, this can cause the uterus to literally fall into the vaginal canal. The aim of vaginal tightening is to strengthen this muscles, so as to avoid this scenario

To avoid these potential issues, women can opt for a number of vaginal tightening procedures. They can choose from highly invasive surgical ones, like Vaginoplasty, Labiaplasty and others, or natural ones, like Kegel exercises, 100% natural gels and creams and more. The final decision rests on the woman herself and her desires and needs.