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Eye Makeup Tips Beginners Should Know

eye makeup

“A woman’s eye cut deeper than a knife.” But keeping the knife sharpened is the task of makeup. This shows how important eye makeup is. Of all types of makeup, eye makeup is the trickiest and hence it requires a lot of patience and time. Here we are sharing a few eye makeup tips beginners should know

Eyeliner eye makeup tips

eye makeup products 1. Before using eyeliner, use eye makeup remover to clear the eyelids off oil and grease. This helps in easy application of eyeliner without smudging it.

2. The Eyeliner should always be applied close to the upper and lower lashes so that it looks natural.

3. For smoky eyes, use pencil eyeliner instead of liquid or gel eyeliners. You can use your finger or cotton bud to create the smoky effect.

4. Use eyeliners of different colors to change the look of the eyes. While white eyeliner applied to the lower lid opens up the eyes, black liner close-up your eyes.

5. Applying black eyeliner on the top and bottom provides definition to the eyes and applying only to the lower lid balances the eyes. If you want to extend the look of your eyes, apply the eyeliner on the outer corner and if you want to narrow the eyes apply the eyeliner to the inner corner.

Mascara makeup tips

6. Mascara should always be worn from the root of the lashes towards the outer tip and not on the tips. This provides volume to the lashes.

7. Wear two coats of mascara for better effect. But always apply the second coat only after the first coat has dried and brush

8. Eyelash curler should always be used when the mascara is semi-wet so that the curl comes out fine and beautiful.

9. Keep a tissue paper below the lower lashes before applying mascara, so that the makeup does not get smudged.

Eye Shadow

10. There are two types of brushes for applying eyeshadow. The flat brush is for applying the eye shadow, and the fluffy brush is for blending.

11. Using a white pencil eyeliner on the eyelid makes the eyeshadow stand out.

12. Using a white base or neutral base intensifies the eyeshadow and make it long lasting.

13. In the case of excess eye shadow, use a blotting paper to remove it.

14. While using eyeshadow, provide a lighter shade on the inner corner of the eyes so that the eyes look bright.

Following the above makeup tips ensure that you get the perfect eye for your next prom party.