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Five advantages of using beard Oil


Beard oil should be on the top list of the products that a beadsman should own. With its awesome and unique blend of essential and carrier oils, beard oil will make your beard turn from ordinary to looking incredibly good.

The benefits of using beard oil are far and wide from getting rid of the irritating beard itch and beardruff to giving your beard the best texture and feel. Discussed below are the top five advantages of using beard oils.

No side effects

Beard oils are mostly made using naturally occurring ingredients. The most common components of beard oils include castor, almond, grape seed and jojoba oils. These oils are hypoallergenic and nontoxic. They lead to the enhancement of your beards natural oils.

Their hydration effects go all the way from the beard surfaces to the follicles, keeping your skin moisturized and hydrated. Well-hydrated and moisturized beard does not suffer from beard flakes (dandruff on the beard).

Supplements sebum levels

sebum oilThe level of sebum oil under the skin remains constant, no matter the size of your beard. The longer your beard is, the more sebum oil it consumes. A decrease in the level of sebum oil is the key cause to beard itches.

Low sebum levels also make the skin to go dry. Beard oil acts as a supplement for sebum. It nourishes the skin and helps get rid of itching.

Makes the beard less tangled

Applying some beard oil will make your beard begin to get less tangled and more maintained. Unlike the hair on the head which can easily be combed and straightened out when it tangles, combing the beard is almost unheard of.

It is an experience that is uncomfortable and usually very painful. For men whose beard feels straw-like or scraggly, applying beard oil regularly will make the beard feel and look much better.

Beard oil reduces the occurrence of split ends

For men who take beard growing seriously, finding a way to reduce the occurrences of the split end is always good news. Split ends call for regular trimming. When you use beard oils, you can go for a very long period of time before you the need to trim the ends of your beard.

Keeps your beard clean

beard styleIrritation and discomfort are very common during the initial stages of bearding. Skin and hair regenerate. As such, dead skin and hair cells flakes off, and this causes itching. This is where beard oil comes in. Most beard oils are formulated to soothe the skin and wash away the dead cells, making your beard look healthy and clean.